[Green Architecture Today]

[Green Architecture Today]


Sol Coffee by Hyperlocal Workshop is featured in the new book [Green Architecture Today].

For several decades the concepts of ecology and sustainability have generated highly influential currents of opinion in our society, invading all areas of our life.
Nowadays no one goes against the theories of global warming or the ever more pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the field of architecture, significant changes and developments are evolving. However, reality tells us that we still have a way to go. The percentage of sustainable buildings is still very low and in open conflict with the increase in building projects all over the world. Much more participation is still required on the part of everyone involved, from architects and building contractors to manufacturers of materials and end customers.
This book gives the leading role to 30 selected international architects, professionals that reveal the new trends in sustainable architecture and how they have contributed through their ideas to the basics of sustainable architecture.

Pub. date: September 2018

22,5 x 26 cm
8.8 x 10.2 in
336 pages
450 colorfull images
ISBN EN: 978-84-9936-139-0

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