Barista Job Announcement

Position Title: Lead Barista

What is Sol Coffee: In short, Sol Coffee is an award winning mobile solar-powered coffee service that has gained national attention since moving from concept to operation in 2017.


● Assist Sol Coffee to reach its full potential and expand regionally and nationally.

● Build relationships with business owners and help establish our niche in the

community and marketplace.

● Monitor and update social media daily.

● Operate daily functions of the coffee bar.

● Available to work early morning shifts on a daily basis, including weekends.

● Ability to train staff on proper procedures and skills required to effectively execute

daily operational functions of the business.

● Ability to anticipate and respond to customer and staff needs.

● Administrative tasks - management and scheduling of staff, planning and booking

events, manage email and social media, and respond to inquiries.

Unique Person We Are Looking For:


● Inclination to learn or possess experience with the function of solar powered

equipment, which is pertinent for understanding our mission.

● Drive to att ain Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) B arista Certification.

● Ability to work well with others in a professional work environment.

● Passionate about working with culturally diverse people.

● Energetic, fast-paced, flexible work style.

● Enjoy a cooperative work environment.

● Strong problem-solving and ability to multi-task.

Minimum Qualifications:

● Possess or ability to acquire Barista Certification within two years.

● Three years barista experience in a high volume coffee shop.

● Familiar with Astoria semi automatic espresso machine and other common coffee equipment.

● Experience with point-of-sale systems.

● Customer service and hospitality experience is a must in the following industries -

restaurant, hotel management, bartending, or similar field of service.

● Resident of Colorado for a minimum of two years; allowing time for the

development and understanding of Coloradan culture.

● Possess a valid Colorado driver's license.

● Experience with food preparation and handling

● Ability to acquire the Certified Food Protection Manager training from Boulder

County Food Safety Program with six months of hire.

● Inclination and experienced driving a manual transmission vehicle, a.ka. “stick


What’s In It For You?

This is a unique opportunity to help propel a unique spin on a growing industry that is already in the national spotlight. As a new start-up, Sol Coffee can offer:

● An employee owned percentage of the company.

● Build an exclusive partnership with Sol Coffee.

● Opportunity to gain direct involvement in a social, environmental, and industry

movement toward positive change for communities and the Nation.

● Career advancement opportunities - SCA B arista Certification, attend coffee and

hospitality industry workshops, national conventions, and show your skills at

barista competitions.

● Participate in the think tank for the regional franchising of Sol Coffee.


The functions and skills described here are general in nature and represent the type of work performed, but they do not constitute an exhaustive list of the duties and

responsibilities performed on the job.

How to Apply: Email hi@solcoffee