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Our mobile espresso bar combines the best of a food truck and a coffee house to create a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

This innovative mobile architectural experience is built from an upcycled 1979 Toyota camper truck powered by onboard solar energy.

As a direct service mobile unit we are available for special events, catering, festivals, farmer markets, and street locations throughout Colorado.

Sol Coffee is the winner of the 2018 Best of Design Small Spaces from Architect’s Newspaper and featured on TV and many architectural and design publications including World-Architects Building of the Week.


Solar off grid system, so no noisy generator

A translucent skin lights up at night

Open counter for a more intimate coffee interaction

Online bulletin board    

Featuring locally crafted artisan products

...and great handmade espresso

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We upcycled a classic 1979 Toyota camper from the ground up. The state of the art truck includes a 1.3kWhr solar array to power everything so we don’t need a generator. The unique design includes a full coffee bar to the rear and a walk-up and walk up window to the side. It's safe to say there is nothing else quite like it.

The coffee bar features a coffee maker, double group manual pull espresso machine, drip coffee maker, two grinders, refrigerator, cold storage, blender, and heating oven.

The truck can go just about anywhere and is fully stocked. We offer great espresso drinks, a chai bar, breakfast burritos, sandwiches and baked goods, and of course a good cup of locally roasted high quality shade grown fair trade coffee. 


We know you love coffee. We also know that there are many places where a good coffee is hard to come by. We also love the idea of being unplugged - not only from an expensive and immovable location but from environmentally hurtful energy sources. We also like how you can see how we put your drinks together, creating a unique experiance. This is an experiment in bringing together many of our ideals to provide a unique experience for our patrons.


Darren came up with the concept while running a popular coffee shop in Northern Colorado. While the business was a great success he found that being tied down to a location was hampering his approach to how he wanted to be involved in the coffee culture.

Andrew is head of design and has lived off grid for the last 20 years. He has designed and built an award winning Passive House in Colorado as well as writing the book Hyperlocalization of Architecture.

Frank lead the truck fabrication. He is a visual artist and runs major sporting event building logistics all over the world.



Come on by and we would love to show you.


A Hyperlocal Workshop project

A Hyperlocal Workshop project